McCredie vases, jugs, pin dish [sold]

McCredie pottery, Australia, 1940sMcCredie vases & jugs
made in Sydney Australia, 1930s-1940s

Following on from my last post, here is a selection of McCredie vases, jugs and a pin dish in the more usually-found white outer glaze and green interior colourway.

Observant readers of my blog [and I know you are out there!] will recall that I have also posted larger white/green vases – which look fantastic in a contemporary white interior – the off-white tones used by Nell McCredie seem to complement modern day paint schemes. I teamed these larger vases with Waratahs and bright crimson Gerbras- the vibrant colours look fantastic in the simple forms and colours of these 30s and 40s vases.

This selection of McCredie is now for sale; I am reluctantly parting with my collection as we have to move house- these eight pieces are all in excellent vintage condition and are for sale: $AUD125

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