Elischer pottery

Elischer ramekins & vaseElischer ramekins & vase
made in Melbourne, Australia 1950s

Most of my collection comes from Sydney potteries – but Elischer is a Melbourne pottery which commenced in the late 30s and continued until the late 80s. Elischer was a Viennese sculptor who turned to pottery when he immigrated to Melbourne. These pieces; three ramekins and a small vase, are in the typical 50s colourway of black, tan and cream but employ atypical organic, asymmetrical forms.

I have one other Elischer pottery piece in the collection – very different to these pieces- a Four Seasons Whiskey jug. By the 60s Elischer was making commercial bar ware and had moved away from the more experimental pottery seen here.

None of these pieces is signed – I have deduced from research and the matching colourway/asymmetric forms that all these pieces are Elischer. They are for sale: $AUD80

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4 thoughts on “Elischer pottery

  1. What is it with ramekins? Other potters have made them – Boyd, Ellis. What were they used for? Are they oven proof? I can’t think of any occasion I would use them, although I do have a lovely little Corningware “small round thing” which I guess is a ramekin, which I use for heating up stuff in the oven (don’t own a microwave at the moment). Thanks for your as ever interesting blog.

    • why, Dana, I’m glad you asked!- ramekins are the receptacle in which one serves soup, or the like. traditionally they are oven proof, so you can warm said soup and ramekin together. invented in the 50s alongside the notion of harlequin colours, they proliferated and then went out of fashion in the 70s. they are quite collectible now (there’s even a website dedicated to their collection specialising in Australian pottery.)

  2. Yes. were used for soup,a quick Sunday night dinner, with a toasted sandwich, cooked in a round metal utensil, with long handles, and squished together, and put over the gas flame, or open fire. Memories of 50s and 60s. Now days, could be used for individual apple crumble dessert, etc. Those were the days.!!!!

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