Pavlova platters

70s pavlova plattersIdeal Ironstone Ware Pavlova platters
made in Japan, 1970s

Don’t be fooled, these are “World’s Finest Ironstone; Oven-Proof and Craze-Proof’. It is stated quite clearly on the back of the plates. And since I have made a couple of Pavlovas [they being my favourite food, next to Coconut Ice] I can attest to the accuracy of this statement.

Being a pavlova aficionado, I could not but help collect these plates. A plate this is both recipe and baking dish – all in one! – and craze-proof to boot! – what’s not to love? [And the ‘craze’-proof refers to the plate, not to me.] The platters are great for making pizza also.

I have seen these plates –separately- on Ebay for $30 or $40 – clearly there is a pavlova loving public that needs 1] a great 70s pavlova recipe and 2] a great 70s plate for baking said pavlova. I feel totally vindicated in my pavlova-adoring, craze-proof state of mind!

Two different 70s designs, these plates are for sale: $AUD55

Buy Now

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