60s lotus wall-hanging [sold]

60s Rodriguez well-hangingRodriguez wall-hanging,
made in Melbourne, Australia 1964

This wall-hanging; a hand-printed image on linen, and hung with Australian timber, was produced by John Rodriguez – famous in Australia for his Australiana tea towels. In the 50s and 60s everyone came back from holiday with Rodriguez souvenir tea towels for friends and family.

John Rodriguez [1928-2000] studied art and design at RMIT and started a company printing on linens in 1952. By the 60s he was producing screen-printed wall hangings. His work is now shown at Museum Victoria, and is in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum and Museum of Canberra.

The company John started is still in production, managed by second generation Rodriguezes; some of John’s original designs are still made, albeit using contemporary printing processes.

The plant image on the hanging depicts a lotus – very stylised as was the custom in the 60s. The brown and orange colourings are also typical of the 60s. The hanging is signed in Rodriguez’s usual manner.

The lotus wall-hanging is in excellent condition and is for sale: $AUD55

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