78ers- Ernie & Bert

Ernie & Bert squeaky toys, 1978Ernie & Bert squeaky toys
made in US 1978

Two squeaky toys from the 70s – both marked © Muppets Inc 1978. Ebay has a whole section devoted to Collectible Sesame Street items; and these toys go for a fabulous price.

While Sesame Street- the TV show- debuted in 1969, Jim Henson, and his wife Jane Henson started Muppets Inc in 1958. Muppets Inc is now owned and operated by their children- and Sesame Street character toys are still being made.

The two toys are in great condition for being thirty-eight years old. Ernie and Bert are seminal figures from most peoples’ childhoods- and this continues today.

Ernie and Bert are for sale: $AUD45

Buy Now

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