Bakelite knitting paraphernalia

Bakelite knitting collectionBakelite knitting paraphernalia
made in Australia and England 1930s – 40s

Here is a small sample of my knitting collection [knittingalia/knitalia?] – all made from bakelite – with the exception of the knitting needles which are casein.

From the bottom left –a red beehive wool holder; the ball unscrews to take the wool, which feeds out through a hole in the base- and one wears it on ones arm while knitting. It is called a ‘beehive’ holder due to the graduated shape –  wool holders also come in a pure spherical shape also.

Next to the wool holder- bakelite needle gauges: again the larger three gauges are ‘beehive’ shaped. Why beehive and knitting are an associated idea I have yet to ascertain, but the gauges are inscribed ‘Patons Beehive knitting gauge’.

Next to the gauges is a bakelite knitting counter: the ring allows it to be attached to the knitting needle and as each knitted row is completed the counter is advanced- to keep track of progress.

Finally- the two needle boxes are Australia bakelite- and they also have knitting needle gauges in the top section.

I am a knitter, and a big fan of bakelite- so naturally I have collected bakelite knitting paraphernalia.

2 thoughts on “Bakelite knitting paraphernalia

  1. Oh gosh, I wish I knew how to knit!! I started learning how to crochet from my Gram (who was also a fabulous knitter and quilter), but then as a young adult I moved 3,000 miles away (and stayed) and it was all lost 😦 – Karen

    • knitting is great fun, karen- I taught my son- so you might find someone to teach you- the trick is to start on an article that you love and will use (not a stupid scarf- too dull and so no investment in finishing it.)

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