70s egg cups & mug

Gempo egg cups and spotted hippo mugGempo egg cups & mug
made in Japan 1972-1974

Here are two egg cups made by Gempo Pottery in the early 70s; this is grandma and grandpa. I now have collected the entire family [see previous post] of all six family members, but this pair of ‘ma and ‘pa are different to my others: it seems each family member came in a few different designs.

The hippo mug also hails from the same time – he is quite stylised and quite spotted! Since collecting this hippo mug I found a koala mug, and talking to another Gempo mug collector there seems to be a large range of Gempo animal mugs [cat, dog, bear, pig.] I also have a Gempo lion money box.

The egg cups and the mug feature the abstract, large–faced form that marks all Gempo pottery. They are also particular to their period; with stylised features, and the stoneware pottery glazed in rustic creams and browns. Gempo is very collectible at the moment- as is anything from the 70s, and all Gempo pieces are in excellent condition [as new.]

The egg cups & the mug are for sale: $AUD65

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