Kitschy cats

Cat s&p shakers, Japan 1960sCat salt & pepper shakers
made in Japan, 1960s

I love kitsch. And right now, the internet loves cats. Hence – kitschy cats. These are large figurine pieces – unusual for salt and pepper shakers, with the wild eye anime aesthetic that began in Japan in the 60s. Also unusual for the 60s, the pair have quite different forms but are the same size– ignoring the convention of the larger salt shaker. The salt and pepper exit through holes in the poor cats heads- although they are discrete enough not to be viewed from the front. Both shakers have intact cork stoppers, important for some shaker collectors.

Naturally, being of the 60s and made in Japan, the cats are Siamese. They are in great condition, just need to be re-housed.

The cat salt and pepper shakers are for sale: $AUD35

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2 thoughts on “Kitschy cats

  1. Hello
    you said kitsch and here i am. I would love these for my collection.
    Let me know postage and payment details.

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