Pates vase

Pates vase & book, 1960sPates vase, made in Australia 1960s
Let’s Find Out About Spring, published in USA 1963

Welcome to Spring! – for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Sydney, instead of autumnal weather we are having an extended Summer. One can only dream of Spring weather!

This lovely Pates vase is of the 60s – towards the end of that art potteries output. It’s unmarked on the base, but I have it on good authority that it is Pates. By the 60s this inter-war pottery was refining vase shapes but continued to use the drip glaze method – in ‘Australian’ colours- developed in the 40s.

The delightful book Let’s Find Out About Spring has a wonderful cover illustration [complementary to the vase] and an accompanying vinyl LP in the back, also entitled ‘Let’s Find Out About Spring’.  It is amusing to me that some Australian parent has crossed out the word ‘Fall’ and inserted ‘Spring’ throughout the book, and inserted ‘…in America’.

The book was printed in Japan, and published by Franklin Watts, Inc in 1963. Written by Martha & Charles Shapp, it has illustrations by Laszlo Roth. The illustrations are unmarked; passing the censorship test of that Australian parent.

The vase is for sale: $AUD35 [and if you would like the book with LP, I’ll throw that in. The two look very good together.]

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