Pavlova platter

Pavlova platter [1970s]Ideal Ironstone Ware Pavlova recipe platter,
made in Japan c.1970s

Don’t be fooled, this is “World’s Finest Ironstone; Oven-Proof and Craze-Proof’; it’s stated quite clearly on the back! And since I have made a couple of Pavlovas [they being my favourite food, next to Coconut Ice] I can attest to the accuracy of this statement.

Being a pavlova aficionado, I could not but help collect these platters. A platter this is both recipe and baking dish AND craze-proof– what’s not to love? And the fantastic 70s daisy graphic in tangerine- absolutely delightful.

The pavlova platter has been styled with a 70s teak candle holder; I like the russet tones together and I think the candle holder lends a certain elegance to the platter. Pavlova by candle-light anyone?

The pavlova platter is for sale: $AUD35

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