Bakelite hairdryer [sold]

50s bakelite hairdryer, Pifco 'Princess'Pifco ‘Princess’ hairdryer
made in Manchester, England 1958

This ‘silent, electric’ hairdryer [model # 1060] is a fantastic pink bakelite [I might have mentioned I am fond of bakelite?] It comes in its original box, with a Guarantee & Instruction Card [it’s possible the guarantee has expired.] The hairdryer is in perfect working order, having been checked by an electrician.

Unfortunately, its previous owner, one E.S. decided to claim ownership by writing her/his initials on the box, scarring the beautiful pink embossed pattern. Other than that, it’s all good.

The Princess came in a powder blue, white, pastel purple, and this lovely pink colour. I can image a rockabilly enjoying perfecting their bouffant with this hairdryer…it’s so perfectly 50s!     For sale: $AUD70

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