70s tapestry

Autumn Coppice completed tapestry, 70s, UK‘Autumn Coppice’ completed tapestry
made in the UK, 1970s

I have become aware of an amusing meme called ‘crapestry’- where people post images of completed tapestries found in second-hand sales. I find them amusing myself but I also respond to the kitsch quality of these works, particularly those of the 60s and 70s, and anything to do with bambis and squirrels. And I love the ‘pixelated art’ quality of them [to quote my son, Oscar.]

I have an acquaintance who has decided to fill a complete wall of her home with found tapestry: instead of wall-paper, she is going to decorate the wall with framed tapestries [or crapestries – I’m not sure of her exact taste.] The uniting feature of the works will be the frames- so she is collecting unframed tapestry.

I recently came across a whole lot of finished tapestries and thought that if my friend had figured a new use for these works, then others would too. This is a lovely example of upcycling: and so the squirrel in the ‘Autumn Coppice’ is for sale : AUD$45

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