International Womens Day

Mc Credie vasesMcCredie pieces
made in Sydney, Australia 1930s

I am a big fan of Nell McCredie- she was one of the first women to become an architect in Australia and after designing a number of buildings she turned her hand to art pottery. Nell opened a pottery studio in Epping, Sydney in 1932 to make fine art pottery by hand. All of her pottery pieces have an architectural or structural quality quite different to the art deco shapes and arrangements that her contemporaries were making. She presaged the modernist movement by about twenty years.

McCredie continued to produce pottery right up to her death in 1968; she was interested in art and design in all her work – as she said:

“Pottery-making is definitely an art inasmuch as the design is a purely individual thing. The technique of moulding is mechanical but the conception and execution of a design is an art -a fascinating art.” [Where Pottery is made by Hand, SMH, Oct 20 1936.]

McCredie pottery made vases and domestic ware – often with the distinctive white matt outer glaze as seen in this image -with a contrasting coloured shiny interior glaze. The larger vase seen here has an internal frog; and as with all her pottery, these pieces are hand-signed on the base: McCredie N.S.W.

Happy International Women’s Day- I salute you, Nell McCredie.

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