60s slide projector

Hanimex Hanorama '300' slide projectorHanimex Hanorama ‘300’ slide projector
made in Australia c.1966

When I started this blog [two years ago] I had some Hanimex slide viewers [see post, way, way below.] I love slide viewers because my father was a photographer and lots of my childhood – and indeed other people’s childhoods and landscapes and tourist shots- were recorded on slides. We’d have slide nights at home where slide after slide was projected onto a white wall, accompanied by beer and chips. What larks!

Ok, back to my point. Since I started this blog – with the intention of showcasing my collection and trying to sell some of it- I have had to- HAD to – buy slide projectors. They just came to me. I am a slide projector MAGNET. I now have ten. In perfect, slide-projecting, order. This is number six. Isn’t she a beauty?

Lens: f=2.8/ 85mm. Lamp: 300 W, BA 15S short envelope lamp; still available today. Even if you never intend to use the projector it looks great as a display piece- with a fantastic 60s modernist vibe.

And for some reason, like all my other projectors, it comes with a Kodachrome slide from its last owners.

For sale: $AUD125

Buy Now

2 thoughts on “60s slide projector

  1. Have inherited a hanimex 300 slide projector from my brother who has past away now. Seems to heat up very quickly, very hot to touch? Probably never been turned on for 20-30 years!

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