Kitschy kitchenalia

Eon Carb Soda canister & Shoe Shoe egg cupsEon spice canister, made in Australia 1940s
Shoe Shoe egg cups, made in Hong Kong 1970s

I collect – and love- Carlton Ware, as you know from all your avid reading of my posts to date. Carlton Ware produced ‘Walkingware’ teapots, cups, salt & pepper shakers – you name it – in 1973. Very beautifully crafted crockery items on two legs, often with jaunty socks or stocking or with great shoes. Some static, some running.

So – when I came across these plastic ‘Shoe Shoe’ [fabulous name, no?] egg cups from Hong Kong – I had to collect them. I now have a selection of the four colours they come in- red, blue, black and yellow- with one in its original box. It is my love of kitsch, and my appreciation for a good knock-off when I see one that led to this collection.

The Eon canister is all on its own- it’s the first of the series of spice containers made by Eon in the 40s that I have been able to find. Now very collectible [as are all bakelite kitchen canisters]; this set is joined by a Mouseketeer as her dotty dress works so well with the dotty egg cups.

This set is for sale: $AUD75 [more Shoe Shoe egg cups available!]

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