50s bling for St Valentine’s Day [sold]

50s costume brooches
made in Australia

I love a brooch, and I love a bit of bling. Make it retro- and I’m there. Here are six 50s costume brooches from a ladies collection of quite a few- I choose ones that appealed in a specific colour/form/50s representational kind of way. And that would look good together- one might be tempted to wear more than one at once!

All of the brooches are in exceptional condition – they have been well looked after and look like they were made yesterday [except for, you know, the 50s styling.]

I would love to keep and wear all these brooches [maybe 3 or 4 at once…] but alas my cupboard overfloweth with retro brooches and it is a shame that they aren’t been worn by rockabillies and other 50s aficionados. If you like stylish 40s-50s brooches, check out my previous posts on this fascinating subject [and see what I mean about an abundance of brooches.]

The six brooches are for sale: $AUD135

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