70s coat hooks [sold]

Gedy coat hooks [1970s]gedy design coat hooks
made in Italy, 1970s

New in box – 70s coat hanger hooks, designed by Makio Hasuike for gedy design [cat. no: 2327.] The hooks come complete with steel baseplates and are ready to hang: each box contains a pair and there are four boxes: red, orange, white and brown; and also an extra orange and green hook- 10 hooks in all.

I bought these hooks from an old hardware store that was closing down- the boxes have been sitting in the storeroom since 1974 when they were purchased.

These hooks represent the best of 70s design: having a modular, streamline form, made from robust materials. The baseplate & fixings are concealed so the hook looks like it is cantilevered from the wall. The hooks have been designed to hang one way – to hang hats, or the opposite way to take two coats. They would look fantastic as a sequence along a contemporary white wall.

I don’t often pay homage to 70s design – but I think gedy got the design of these hooks right. The set of hooks is for sale: $AUD75

2 thoughts on “70s coat hooks [sold]

  1. In English it is a coat hanger, which in German would be a “Mantelhaken”. For whatever reason, they wrote “Bademantelhaken”, that would be a bathrobe hanger. No, Germans are not walking around in bathrobes all the time (although I am currently wearing one 🙂 )

    • perhaps that’s a mistranslation on the box- it was made in Italy and maybe they mixed up the mantelhakens? or- maybe the hooks are good for the bathroom and can also be used for bathrobes. nice to know you are blogging in your bathrobe!

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