Hornsea ‘Bronte’ 1976 [sold]

Hornsea 'Bronte' canistersHornsea Bronte canisters
made in England 1976

Hornsea Pottery started in 1949 in England and finished production in 2000. In 1970s John Clappison designed the successful – and now very collectible- canister sets ‘Heirloom’, Saffron and this set ‘Bronte’.

Each of the canister patterns has a different, repeating pattern in different colours: Heirloom is brown & green, Saffron is tan & orange and Bronte- this set- is sepia & green. I do like the Bronte design and colourway the best.

The canisters have teak lids with rubber rings; it’s best to check if the rubber is still intact and can keep the canisters air-tight and that the teak hasn’t deteriorated or warped so the lid is still snug fitting. Each of these canisters passed the test- and have the well-known Hornsea imprint along with 1976- the year of their production.

I have resisted collecting Hornsea up to now- although so many people do- but this set was in such good condition I couldn’t resist. And there’s five of them- so they look great displayed together, rather than just having a single piece. And I like the font!

The five Hornsea canisters are for sale: $AUD150. Start your Hornsea canister collection today!

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