50s kitsch

Vinyl Clad rafia basketVinyl Clad raffia basket,
made in Australia 1950s

Not quite sure how to describe this fantastically kitsch offering from the 50s: it is impressed ‘Vinyl Clad Australia’ – but I can’t find anything about Vinyl Clad. Although- what a fantastic name! Apparently this is Registered Design No. 66233 [also inscribed on the base] – C1-4L-SR4TS B2. Lots of information – not so much recorded on the old internet.

The raffia and lovely plastic flower centrepiece have been hand-stitched to the basket. The arrangement, proportions, elements and colours are all thoughtful designed – in that wonderful, OTT kitschy-50s way. I love it. And I love the way my partner describes it as two ice cream containers stitched together [no evidence of this, either, by the way.]

The basket was given to me by a friend who knows how I embrace kitsch. And now I offer it to you, my dear kitschy reader; it’s for sale: $AUD35. If you love it too, I’ll throw in the mismatched anodised aluminium beakers.

Buy Now

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