Smoking dog

Smoking dog tapestrySmoking dog tapestry
Commonwealth Bank money box, made in Australia 1970s

How hilarious is this framed tapestry? How often do you wish you could see a dog with a cane and a cigar? It’s ready for hanging – totally 70s – and hilarious.

The Commonwealth Bank had an elephant for its logo for a looong time- before today’s dull corporate ‘biscuit’ logo. This money box is from the 70s- evidenced by its jaunty up-swung trunk; before the 70s, the elephant was rather dour and had a hanging trunk. Money box collectors will know what I mean.

I like the two elements together- both relics of the 70s- and the red money box lends itself to the colours of the smoking dog tapestry.

The collection is for sale; $AUD55

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