Pickled Onion jar

Retro pickled onion jarPickled onion jar
made in Japan 1960s

You may have seen a SlyvaC crying onion jar- they were first made in the 50s. These jars and now very collectible [as is anything SlyvaC.] This is a Japanese knock-off, made in the 60s- albeit with a different crying onion face and inscribed ‘pickled onions’.

I bought the jar hoping my sister- who is a dab hand at making pickled onions – a MUST for Christmas, would obliging fill the jar with said pickled onions for me. Alas she refused. Not only will she be away and so unable to make any condiments- she also expressed her disdain for the jar. Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious?

And so- without any hope of having homemade pickled onions this Christmas- I offer the jar for sale. It would be a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone who actually can and will make pickled onions to go with the Christmas ham. It’s in good condition and for sale for $AUD35

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