Funky 70s cutlery [sold]

Wiltshire ‘Burgundy’ cutlery
made in Australia 1972

This great retro set of cutlery has a funky shape, satin finish to the 18/8 stainless steel and a fantastic embossed pattern. It was produced in 1972, and the Burgundy pattern extended to serving ware too: sugar bowl, creamer, sauce boat, salad bowl & serves, salt and pepper shakers and a four piece coffee set.

In researching the history of the cutlery I came across an original advertisement for it in the Sydney Morning Herald- this was the must have cutlery of the 70s. Individual place settings or 6 knives sell for $40 on Ebay; and here we have place settings for six- 18 individual pieces.

The cutlery is in superb condition- it doesn’t look like it’s been used; and it’s for sale: $AUD75

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