Kitschy 70s

70s squirrel vaseSquirrel vase
made in Japan 1970s

A very kitsch vase from the 70s- which [in my opinion] can only really work with a very minimal flower arrangement. This is ikebana, 70s style!

I haven’t been able to ascertain the maker of this fine vase- but the kindly old lady who sold it to me assured me that it was Japanese [a very exotic import in the 70s] – and that it was “fine art”. The vase comes complete with that ‘oasis’ stuff that helps stand flowers up- I was tempted to remove it but found it oddly helpful in holding that Eucalypt branch.

For squirrel lovers, kitsch lovers and squirrelly kitsch lovers, this vase is for sale: $AUD35

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2 thoughts on “Kitschy 70s

  1. I am a squirrel lover (just had the fun to observe one in front of my kitchen window, a European red squirrel) but don’t qualify for the other two categories. Without the squirel, it would have been OK 🙂
    However, I find kitsch a very fascinating phenomenon, in terms of its philosophical, aesthetic, political, cultural, socioloical, economical, and psychological (and so on) aspects. This piece is fascinating. But it makes me laugh.

  2. nannus- thanks for your comment-; kitsch is fascinating- especially 70s kitsch when post-modernism and deconstructionism were adding to the debate. and- that you are a squirrel connoisseur – that makes ME laugh!

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