Brownbuilt steel file drawers

Brownbuilt steel file drawersBrownbuilt steel file drawers
made in Australia 1950s

Add instant industrial cred to your home or office: these steel drawers still have their internal steel file holders in place. This is serious industrial cred.

Brownbuilt began production in Australia in 1885 making tanned goods; by 1915 they had turned to steel works and are still producing filing cabinets today. In 1915 the company was “Brownbuilt Steel Office Equipment Company” –by the 50s they were- and remain today – Brownbuilt.

I’ve featured steel drawers before: but this set of double drawers [label ‘Brownbuilt’ attached] and the single set [with lock and key intact] are fabulous. The steel casing has some lovely wear and tear; attesting to its real use in a real office at some real time.

These steel things are seriously heavy- as you would expect. Pick-up only is advised – so for Sydney purveyors of industrial cred these drawers are for sale: $AUD100

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