Kiwi 7" LPs, 1969Music for creative dance, Music & Movement [records 1 & 2]
Kiwi, made in Australia and NZ, 1969

The graphics of covers and packaging get me in as much as the purpose of the object- I absolutely love the images, colours and fonts of these three Kiwi 7” records.

That poor girl- pictured on the front of Music for Creative Dance- how did she survive the playground after the record came out? Is she still tormented from being pictured thus? And how did the Norman Gadd Ensemble allow it to happen?

Review with me the titles of the dance movements:

side 1:
Pushing & Pulling

side 2:
Stretching & Curling

Doesn’t it bring it all back? Those horrific music lessons “Now, sway like a tree”; never mind that in Australia ‘slashing’ is common parlance for something not terribly demonstrable in a music lesson.

But perhaps that is better than Music & Movement, record 1:

side 1:
Bavarian Peasant Dance

…..[seems a bit of a ‘leap’ from walking & running to performing a Bavarian Peasant Dance]

side 2:
Slow walk
Slow walk
Frozen Terror – A gradual build-up to a frightening climax

…..[again- not sure of the progression, but perhaps after the slow walks, the waltz and the skipping you are relieved to be able to model ‘frozen terror’, being code for please god let this be over.]

All three records are ‘new’; never been used [such a shame, really.] Buy them for the music; buy them for the graphics; buy them to get them out of music teacher’s hands…the three LPs are for sale: $AUD30

Buy Now

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