70s worked tapestry

WonderArt 70s bell pull 'Spring'WonderArt ‘Spring’ tapestry
made in Illinois, USA c1970

A worked bell pull tapestry in 100% wool; this piece comes with its original instructions from Needlecraft Corp of America. The pattern is ‘Spring’. [#6701 NIP; 5x 34”]

I love all things botanical; and all things crafted. This bell pull is gorgeous. Sure- who uses bell pulls anymore? Bell pulls were completely obsolete in the 70s when this was made. This is less a bell pull and more a lovely abstract rendition of spring flowers. [But I like that the photo of the completed bell pull on the instruction page does actually show a bell! Who are they kidding? Who will come when that thing is actually pulled?]

In keeping with my friend’s idea of filling a whole wall with ‘pixel art’ – this would be a fantastic addition. Ready to frame and hang, this piece is for sale: $AUD55- after all, it is WonderArt!

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