Plaited-stem sherry glasses

Plaited-stem sherry glasses [60s]60s plaited-stem sherry glasses
made in Australia

Here we have a set of four plaited-stem sherry glasses. The plaited-stem harks back to early glass manufacture while the harlequin colours of the cups -in grey, yellow, orange and crimson glass -pay homage to modernism. These 60s glasses are a sort of hybrid.

The glasses were a gift from my lovely sister-in-law; she knows I am partial to sherry. Sherry is such a wonderful aperitif; sort of sophisticated and yet terribly gauche: I love it! And- it goes so well with cucumber sandwiches which makes it perfectly acceptable to imbibe whilst playing mahjong on a Sunday at an unfeasibly early hour of the day.

But I digress- the sherry glasses are beautiful. In perfect condition, they lend a world of sophistication to any table.I’ve photographed them with a book on Camellias from the same era.

Alas my bar is rather full of sherry glasses, and so they are offered for sale: $AUD40

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