Little Golden BooksLittle Golden Books
Printed in Sydney, Australia 1962- 1970

A fabulous selection of Little Golden Books over an eight year period. From Bozo the Clown [#241] in 1962 to Indian Indian [#385] in 1970. All published in Sydney, you understand. Cultural imperialism from America on a suburban scale: Walt Disney meets the local press.

Walt Disney’s ‘Hiawatha’ [#D94] was published in 1967.

The rest of the cast include:# 361 Aladdin and His Magic Lamp [1968]# 369 The Three Bears [1969]# 312 Pepper Plays Nurse [1964]#287 My Christmas Book [1970]#331 The Little Red Hen [1966]

Eight locally published Little Golden Books [but always collecting] are for sale: $AUD80

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