Charles & Diana tin

Charles & Diana biscuit tin [1981]Charles & Diana biscuit tin
Crawfords, Great Britain 1981

“The Marriage of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, Wednesday 29th July 1981” is inscribed in suitably fancy script on the side of this biscuit tin. Originally holding 1.1lb Petticoat Tail Shortbread, the tin is somewhat worse for wear, with patches of rust on the HRH visages– but I believe amongst the coterie of tin collectors that this is considered okay, and even preferable.

I like this image of their HRHs- Diana isn’t looking shy or demure and Charlies looks like he’s starting to see the ridiculous side of life. And though the image is a little tarnished, the lid still fits well and provides a good seal.

This tin would be a good gift for a royalist or republican alike: and is for sale- $AUD20

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