Magic Robot [sold]

Magic Robot Quiz Game
Murfett, made in New Zealand 1970

‘Always gives you the right answer’ – says so right on the box. This game is sort of Trivial Pursuit but with a robot who points to the correct answer. So you know it’s true.

It’s a weird mixed metaphor that the robot is magic. Either he’s a robot…or he’s magic. You can’t have a magic robot. But I digress…how about that funky 70s font on the box lid?

For any number of players [probably best for young folk who don’t know about the ‘magic’ of magnets yet] -this game will give you hours of fun! Or nostalgic hilarity, your call.

The game is ‘as new’- doesn’t look like it’s been used. I do confess that I tested it- and by gum!- the robot…he IS….m..a..g..i..c….

This game is for sale: $AUD40

2 thoughts on “Magic Robot [sold]

  1. Oh I remember that game. I remember it being brought into school when it was end of term and we were allowed to bring in games from home. I never got chance to play it but I remember seeing that robot thing that spins around. Brilliant 🙂

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