Cherry Christmas!

Christmas cherriesCovetro cherry bowl, made in Italy c.1960s
Lucite cherry paperweight, c.1960s
Christmas angel figurine, c.1960s

In Sydney, at Christmas time it’s all about the cherries. Cherry season is a relatively short period from November to early January and so cherries are always associated with Christmas. Maybe the red and green colouring also contributes to the association.

The 60s were also all about the cherry. Cherry icons and logos were everywhere. This collection references both the 60s and – for all Sydneysiders: Christmas.

All items are in excellent conditions, except the Christmas angel figurine who has been rubbed a little too vigorously and so lost a little red paint. Still, she’s over forty years old and is entitled to. She has a chick at her feet, which is another story altogether.

This set is for sale [get in early for Christmas!]: $AUD45

6 thoughts on “Cherry Christmas!

  1. Hello! I live in the US and I would be interested in purchasing the cherry glass bowl for my girlfriend since she admires cherry glassware. Would you be willing to sell the bowl by itself? If so, how much (in Australian dollars) would you charge for the bowl plus shipping to the United States? And would you accept payment via Paypal? Thank you!

    • hi carl – how lovely of you to think of your girlfriend’s cherry admiration- but i don’t break up sets. i will however keep any eye out for more cherry glassware; any particular vintage?

      • Since asking a few weeks ago, I’ve spent a lot of time looking around the internet, but I have not found any other bowls that match her style like this one you’re selling. Depending on how much shipping would cost to send the set to the United States, I may be willing to buy the whole set from you for your asking price of $45 AUD. Do you accept payment via Paypal?

        If you come across any other cherry glassware appearing to be from the same set and with the same design as the bowl, I would be interested in knowing about it and perhaps purchasing it too!

  2. Oh, I love cherries! Two weeks ago, at a garage sale, they had four little angels in a set (they looked just like the figurine you have there) but they each had a letter on them that spelled NOEL. I think technically they were penholders, but so cute. How could I pass them up for $2?

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