Retro sweet tin

Retro sweet tinPascall sweet tin
made in Australia 1960s

Old 60s biscuit and sweet tins are now very collectible, particularly tins in good condition that still seal well, have working hinges and can be repurposed. I didn’t set out to collect tins- but the kitschy botanical images on this sweet tin totally sucked me in.

The Pascall tin also has its original sticker- another plus for collectors. This tin once held 1lb of sweets and the touched up photographic image on the front was – to the 60s eye- a glamour shot. Sweets and then a glamorous box to keep and collect: it didn’t get much better.

I’ve teamed the tin with an old Pritchards switchplate- they both have the same mottled metal colourings and a 60s chrome rose that fell off an old wall-hanging. A unity of metal and shape and form.

The retro sweet tin is for sale: $AUD45

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