50s brooches

50s brooches50s costume brooches
made in Australia

Further to my last post featuring ‘pearlescence’ [fake pearl-i-ness] costume jewellery, here is my collection of 50s brooches. I have already confessed to a love of green costume jewellery and you can see that that colour features in this collection also.

I collected these brooches from all over the place- one by one, and now there is a little collection I thought I’d offer them for sale. For people who love to use one or two retro pieces in their daily ensemble- or for people who dress entirely in the 50s, this collection would be a useful addition to the wardrobe.

For sale: $AUD100

Buy Now

9 thoughts on “50s brooches

  1. It’s nice to see another vintage brooch fan! You’ve got to love a sparkly vintage brooch, they are great for brightening up winter coats and jackets. I think brooches are vastly underrated these days (in the UK at least), but at least this means some fantastic vintage bargains can be found!

      • Inspired by your lovely brooches I am going to feature some of mine on my blog- they won’t be for sale though, but I probably should be brave and ‘edit’ my collection at some point! I will add a link to your post.

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