60s art glass

70s green glassware60s art glass
made in Australia

I don’t as a rule collect ashtrays- but my partner picked up this lovely, chunky green ashtray whilst trying to find a piece to retrofit an upcycled 60s side table- where the glass ashtray was missing. Alas- the ashtray didn’t quite fit –but- to quote her: “you don’t have to use it as an ashtray- it’s just a great dish”.

So- let’s repurpose this 60s ashtray as a chunky glass dish, and team it with some fabulous 60s wine glasses. All good! All green- and all 60s. Art glass from the 60s is becoming very collectible- even if in a former life it was an ashtray.

This 60s green glass collection is for sale: $AUD55

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