Industrial vintage

Metters 'Beacon Light' oven doorMetters ‘Beacon Light’ oven door
made in Sydney c.1930s

Metters Limited, Australia made cast iron ovens in Adelaide from 1891, expanding to a Sydney foundry in 1920 – when the ‘Beacon Light’ ovens were made. Metters items are now very collectible- thanks to the ‘Kooka’ ovens featuring a kookaburra [and the synonym cooker / kooka.]

This old oven door has signs of rust but was rescued from a Council clean-up by a friend of mine: she recognized the intrinsic value of the 30s cast-iron door- and piece of history. No longer part of a functioning oven, this piece is a beautiful reminder of our industrial past.

Mount it on a wall; team it with a bit of Eucalyptus; use it as a door stop or a book end- this relic has a myriad uses. And is a fabulous piece of vintage Australian kitchenalia.

The Beacon Light oven door is for sale: $AUD95

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3 thoughts on “Industrial vintage

  1. LIKE LIKE LIKE!! Great pic. I’d buy but I have to resell and then of course there is shipping. For some reason Austrailia and USA shipping rate sucks.

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