Hecla jugs; 1930s

Helca electric jugs [1930s]Hecla electric jugs
made in Melbourne, Australia c.1930s

These electric jugs have become very collectible: they have their swinging lids [one bakelite, one ceramic] and electric elements & bakelite plugs all intact- in fact the man I bought the brown mottle jug from was using it for his morning cuppa.

Hecla produced all manner of electrical appliances from 1918- until they were bought out and manufacture moved overseas in 1984. Jugs with art deco styling- such as these- are now much sort after.

I like that the jugs can boil water, be situated as a decorative object, or an impromptu flower vase. And I like that the humble ceramic jug has become a much sort-after collectible.

The pair of jugs are in great condition [entire, working, electric cords included] and are for sale: $AUD145

10 thoughts on “Hecla jugs; 1930s

      • I’m loving your website. I live in your neck of the woods and started collecting Diana ware when I found a vase at my husband’s late aunt’s house and I discovered it was made at Marrickville. I also have small collections of xylonite, depression era uranium glass and Wembly ware. And a huge collection of elephants. I’ll keep following your posts.

      • we’re kindred spirits julie! if you’d like to see my diana collection, you’re most welcome, especially since you’re in the right neck of the woods!

    • yes, true malcolm- the sponge finish to the jugs was quick and individual decoration- while that in the public lavatories was all about anti-graffiti!

  1. Hi there just wondering if your jugs are still for sale I am only interested in the blue mottled one thank you as I already have the round one

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