60s perpetual calendar

Pineapple perpetual calendarPerpetual calendar
made in Hong Kong, 1960s

Ah, the sixties. When no subject was too prosaic to provide a backdrop for a perpetual calendar. The Sunshine Plantation grew and continues to grow pineapples – a symbol of hospitality for some, and of wealth for others.

Recently the humble pineapple has become somewhat of a style icon, adorning everything in interiors from large format pictures to timber-turned bedposts. So I present to you- a perpetual calendar and two toothpick holders from the 60s. And a real pineapple for comparison purposes.

Add to your burgeoning pineapple collection, or begin one with these beauties. Every desk needs a perpetual calendar- and every office a toothpick holder converted to thumb-drive storage. You just can’t have too many pineapples!

The perpetual calendar is for sale: $AUD45 [toss in the two toothpick holders for free.]

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4 thoughts on “60s perpetual calendar

  1. I had one of those calendars as a child. Mine had pictures of Torbay in Devon for the background – three pictures of Paignton, Brixham and Torquay that make up Torbay. I can even remember where I bought it with my pocket money in a little gift shop that was under a restaurant at Paignton Harbour.

    • what a memory! i think the calendars were mass produced and sent all over the world- where a local photograph was inserted to make it contextural. your torbay pic sounds much mre sophisticated than this one- the ‘sunshine plantation’!

    • i am a big fan of pineapple upside down cake- and have even blogged about it- in ’70s funky glassware’- there’s a cake pedestal there just right for it!

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