The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments for Children, 1956The Ten Commandments for Children
Rand McNally, 1956, USA

The Ten commandments- stars Charlton Heston as Moses on the cover, and is ‘edited’ by Mary Alice Jones. I didn’t think Biblical editing was encouraged- but this was 1956. Someone had to explain adultery to children.

And this is what Alice writes:

“It’s God’s plan that a man and a woman should love one another and make a home together and rear children. The father and mother and children have other friends……..who they like and enjoy. But the members of the family care for one another more than for any other friends….”

And so avoids the subject of adultery altogether. The accompanying picture shows a 1950s father reading the newspaper with mother, sister and brother playing a record on the floor. [At least I surmise that’s his wife…might be just….a good “friend”.]

I have teamed this fine tome with a kewpie doll – Australian- from the same vintage, mid 50s. She seems suitably embarrassed to find Charlton’s movie image doing duty on the cover and that Alice has edited the Ten Commandments.

The book is for sale: $AUD25 [noting that it cost 49 cents in 1956!]

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