Vintage chocolate tins

Vintage chocolate tinsCadbury chocolate tins
made in Tasmania, Australia 1950s

Cadbury chocolates made and sold their ‘Milk Tray’ chocolates in these tins in the 1950s. Here we have Roses and Hydrangeas [helpfully labelled on the top] and the tins also came with Carnations and Daisy decorations. That was the 50s – all kitschy flowers- in OTT super-saturated colours.

The flower prints haven’t lost any of their saturated colour, but the tins do show a bit of wear and tear [due no doubt to the original chocolate eaters.] The tins hinged lids fit well and the tins are still great as hold- alls, or- as I like to do- look fantastic stacked up against a wall.

The 2lb chocolate tins came in square and rectangle shape- but I have always favoured the square. Vintage chocolate tins are now quite collectible- due no doubt to nostalgia – and are fetching high prices; even turning up in antique salesrooms.

These tins are for sale: $AUD60

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