Peanuts collectibillia

Peantus collectibilliaPeanuts collectibillia
made in Australia, Japan, USA

For the Peanuts collectors out there, here we have:

  • Snoopy and Woodstock jug, made by Peanuts Characters Corp; USA 1965
  • Linus ‘To know me is to love me’ bowl, made by United Feature Syndicate Inc; Japan 1962
  • Linus ‘Try it…you’ll like it’ figurine, made by Aviva; Hong Kong 1970.

Add to/update or start your Peanuts collection now…or buy for that special someone! Not shown, but thrown in for free: Snoopy writing set, made by Hallmark; Melbourne, Victoria 1958.

This collection is in tip-top condition and is for sale: $AUD70; don’t forget to ask for the writing set.

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