50s hors d’oeuvre dish

Retro 50s hor d'oeuvre dish50s segmented hors d’oeuvre dish
made in Japan

This is a rare thing: a lidded, segmented hors d’oeuvre dish with original metal base – all as new. The black steel base even has its original white leg caps. I‘d say this has been in someone’s cupboard since it was bought and never been near a hors d’oeuvre!

The ceramic is hand-painted, and because this was 50s Japan- features radish, aubergine, turnip, and a cabbage – because nothing says sophisticated appetizers like a cabbage. Each piece is signed ‘Japan’ on the base and there is a spare lidded dish with the set. Back in the 50s extra parts were often sold with a set- to replace bits broken from too much revelry!

A must for your next 50s party, the hors d’oeuvre dish is for sale: $AUD75

Buy Now

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