50s spotty glassware

50s spotty jug & shot glasses50s spotty jug and shot glasses
made in Australia

This collection is a hybrid of sorts- the jug had lost its glasses and the spotty glasses were in need of a jug. They are both 50s Australiana- but from different sets.

I think the pairing works- due to the colour tones, spotted decoration and the gilt edging. The jug is enormously out of scale with the shot glasses- but I like that the pairing keep some of its own individuality even while being teamed. Plus- that jug makes for a fantastic vase when it’s not serving rum punch!

The jug and glasses are unmarked- but came from the same collector who loved all things 50s- and spotty things in particular. They are all in great condition with the gilt particularly in good order. Ready to serve your favourite drink to you and two friends!

The jug and glasses are for sale: $AUD85

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