70s chunky wine glasses

Crown Corning 70s wine glassesCrown Corning wine glasses,
made in USA 1968-1972

A fabulous set of Crown Corning green wine glasses- nothing says the 70s like that chunky glass base! Or that fabulous ‘avocado’ green colour.

This set of four glasses have never been used- and are ready to take whatever alcoholic substance you favour. I have teamed them with a swig of Blueberry Ash- because it reminds me of Juniper – which is what I would put in the glasses; gin.

The set of 70s glasses are for sale: $AUD60

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6 thoughts on “70s chunky wine glasses

    • i’m with you andie: in both the growing up with these glasses and preferring the green. my least favourite is the ‘smoky grey’- seen those?

  1. I’ve been collecting the flat sided smoked glass versions for a while now… love the design, the vintage vibe, the size of them, everything. Thanks for the ‘like’ on See/Saw. We are going to launch a new website soon… Mid Century and Vintage Collections, For Sale… I will let you know when it’s up and running. From Kelowna, British Columbia… cheers! Lesley-Anne

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