Australian depression glass

Australian depression glassCrown Crystal Glass Company depression glass
made in Australia 1920s-1935

The Crown Crystal Glass Co made pressed glass items from the early 20s to the mid-30s in Australia. Here we have a lovely pair of green depression glass- an oval jam dish and a citrus squeezer.

Depression glass is very collectible and there are fakes and reproductions out there. How to tell if it’s authentic? Depression glass was made quickly and cheaply and was marketed to ‘housewives’ as everyday-use glass. Quite often you can see bubbles & imperfections in the glass, the raised seams where the piece came out of the mould, and it’s heavy- heavier than glass produced today. Typically there was no makers mark.

In Australia depression glass was only made in green and pink, whereas in the US and England other colours were made [variations on green and pink.] Australian glass tends to be quite plain- whereas in the US particularly many patterns were pressed into the glass and the rarer patterned depression glass pieces now sell for hundreds of dollars.

This set of Australian depression glass is in very good condition – still fit for purpose should you wish to squeeze the odd orange – just be sure to hand wash in mild soapy water.

For sale: $AUD95

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2 thoughts on “Australian depression glass

  1. Have you tried these under a black light? If they were made with uranium they will glow bright green. The age and color look right for it but not all green glass will have the uranium.

    • hi cathy- you’re right: i bought these pieces from a display under a light. uranium was used as a cheap additive to the glass mix and has the effect of glowing under light.; these pieces are also known as ‘uranium glass’.

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