50s stylised fish jug

Japanese stylised fish jugStylised fish jug
made in Japan, c. 1950s

A huge amount of stylised fish jugs were made in Japan in the 50s- along with Mexican hat ashtrays – it was the style du jour and exported all around the world. The fish shaped jug is a variation of the Nineteenth Century ‘Gurgling’ Fish jug- which made an ‘amusing’ gurgling sound when poured. The enlarged fish mouth and the tail curled to form the jug handle are borrowed from the gurgling fish jugs- but fortunately- not the amusing sound.

This jug doubles nicely as a vase- as seen in my image; and always gets a comment when used as a gravy boat. For jug collectors- and for ceramic fish collectors- this might just be the thing!

The jug is unmarked – which is not unusual for Japanese ceramics of the 50s- but I’ve had similar jugs stamped Made in Japan.

The non-gurgling fish jug is for sale: $AUD40

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