Styling with retro vases

Pates pottery vaseFollowing from the last post- here is an example of Pates Pottery that I collect- those with an ‘Australiana’ colour glaze of brown and green – apparently reminiscent of the Australian bush. This nationalistic colour combination was very popular in the 50s, and since I am a landscape architect, and quite fond of the Australian bush, I have tended to collect Pates pieces in this colour range.

This quite deco-shaped vase has a removable ‘frog’ in the centre, in the same glaze. The frog is shaped with holes to support flower stems at the angle required…in this image I have attempted some free-form Ikebana, with Banksia flowers. That’s the great thing about retro vases- they lend a certain gravitas to one’s attempt at flower arranging!

7 thoughts on “Styling with retro vases

  1. Glancing through your posts for the first time, I was struck by your styling. I particularly enjoy the styling in this shot! You have an eye for it, all right. I always think of landscape architects as being particuarly artistic, and here you are with that as your day job. 🙂

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