40s apprentice piece

40s apprentice bookshelfApprentice piece miniature bookcase
made in Australia, c1940s

Isn’t this a beauty? Designed to hang on the wall with brass fittings on the back, this miniature bookcase is an apprentice piece. Apprentice pieces are small-scale versions of cabinet furniture made by apprentice joiners to demonstrate their technical skills. They were often marketed “for children” due to the size- but now are quite sort after as timber pieces in their own right.

It wasn’t until I photographed it that I realised the bookcase is in the shape of a stylised dog! Duh!

The last owner of the piece has used Dynamo labels for whatever collection used to grace the shelves. I’ve left the tape- quite a nice addition – and styled the shelves with some of my own miniature collection [some of which have featured previously on this blog.] The napkin rings and egg cups give you an idea of the scale of the shelves.

The solid oak timber is in good condition, as are all the timber joints and fixings- the apprentice having done an excellent job. The brass hanging fittings are ready to take two screws fitted into a wall- it’s ready to hang.

The apprentice piece is for sale- and would suit a dog-loving miniature collector! $AU175

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6 thoughts on “40s apprentice piece

    • ah laurie- so smart that i only figured out the bookcase was in the shape of a dog- when my photographer pointed it out- and we were both like- oh yes! it’s a dog!

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