60s office equipment

Dymo 1700 & Teledex [1960s]Dymo label maker, # 1700, made in USA c.1969
Teledex index, made in Melbourne, Australia c.1960s

I am somewhat partial to Dymo labelers – and Teledex phone indexes. Call me old-fashioned but I do like physical buttons and physical output- very novel in the digital world we now inhabit.

The Teledex is black bakelite, and comes complete with ‘unused’ pale blue file inserts [new in packet.] So 60s! No retro office is complete without one [just think Mad Men; Don Draper had one on his desk last season.] Sure, everyone keeps telephone numbers on their mobile phones nowadays…but how much fun is it to zip that little knob up and down and push the button to spring open the index? I could do it all day.

The Dymo 1700 is an earlier version of the Dymo 1780 [featured last post]- its tape comes in little cartridges which are pushed into the barrel of the thing. This one comes with several original tapes- and I am reliably informed that the cartridge tapes are still available to buy.

This collection is for sale: $AUD95

Buy Now

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