60s Park and Shop game [sold]

Park and Shop gamePark and Shop game
Milton Bradley, made in Australia 1960

“Object : drive your car to nearest Park & Shop parking lot, then move your pedestrian to all the stops on the shopping list; return to your car & home before another player.” Wow! Just like the tedium of REAL shopping!

This game is new; and has all its playing pieces and instructions. And for ages 10 and up, you are never too young to be inculcated into the wonderful world that is Shopping! and Parking!

The board game is fantastic…the funky 60s graphics could be framed! All the pieces are there and I don’t think the game has been played with.  I wish I’d known about this game when I was writing my urban design paper on shopping malls – I would have put this image on the frontispiece!

This game is for sale: $AUD40

6 thoughts on “60s Park and Shop game [sold]

  1. I have a vintage board game that is replicating being in a game show that was short lived on TV. Have to say, it is dumb. I mean, how do you actually play ‘toss the ball into the barrel’ or ‘roll the ball down the lane’ with midget pieces that barely fit in your fingers? Can’t swing a dumb bell over my shoulder to hit that bell for big points very well. I’d rather of been on the game show. 🙂
    As far as replicating shopping as in your game, well, that might save me money in the long run. Cheaper to play the game than actually go shop?

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