70s dinner plates

Mikasa 'Indian Feast_Rising Sun' dinner platesMikasa ‘Indian Feast_Rising Sun’ dinner plates
made in Japan c. 1970s

I have featured a lot of Mikasa ceramics on my blog : not SO many from the 1970s. But I was really taken with this ‘Indian Feast_Rising Sun’ motif- so quintessentially- [in a good way]-70s.

The abstract forms, the colours- the fact that the plates are : “Oven to table to dishwasher”- it’s the best of the 70s for me. Form and function- and dishwasher proof- the triumberant. I have teamed the Mikasa plate with a recent acquisition- a West Germany Fat Lava jug in similar colourings also made in the 70s.

I have a set of six, unused Mikasa Indian Feast_Rising Sun dinner plates for all you 70s afficiandos and hipsters- for sale: $AUD80

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